enviDMS (ENG)

kontur mapy poslki w kolorze zielonym z nałozonymi dwiema falami przebiegającymi w połowie wysokości po prawej stronie napis enviDMS


The Project entitled Data model and database management system with spatial information on the natural environment in the aspect of thematic mapping – enviDMS is carried out by the Head Office of Geodesy and Cartography (GUGiK) in cooperation with the foreign partner - KARTVERKET (Norwegian Mapping Authority) and the national partner – the National Water Management Authority (KZGW).

The Project is co-financed by the European Economic Area Grants 2009-2014, in the framework of the PL03 Programme: Improving environmental monitoring and inspection. The Project constitutes an expansion of GUGiK’s previous works conducted by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service on the Hydrographic Map of Poland at the scale of 1:50 000. Agreement No 418/2013/Wn50/MN-xn-03/D has been signed on 3rd July 2013.

The estimated total eligible cost of the Project is 16 564 800.00 PLN. The co-financing level of the Project from the PL03 Programme is 85% of the eligible costs. The beneficiary provides Project co-financing of at least 15%  of eligible costs.

The deadline for the Project implementation is 30th April 2017.

The aim of the Project is to improve and spread access to thematic spatial information data developed and provided by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service. The challenge is to establish a data model with its management system of spatial information on the natural environment in Poland, particularly dedicated to hydrographic spatial data.

Other Project’s challenges are:

  1. Increasing number of high resolution, multi-representative, large-scale natural environment-related database and management system services, provided by public authorities via web services;
  2. Ensuring collected spatial data and service interoperability within the national digital infrastructure.

The Project will strongly support the growth of geo-referenced databases related to the natural environment conducted by the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service, the development of a national digital infrastructure, as well as the strengthening of Polish – Norwegian bilateral relations. The thematic spatial data model and the management system will form a part of highly-specialized thematic mapping information systems, as a part of national digital infrastructure dedicated for government agencies, i.e. taking current actions in the field of spatial management and planning, environmental monitoring, as well as strategic planning. Moreover, the expected result of the Project is to improve the skills of employees in public administration offices, such as environmental authorities or the National Geodetic and Cartographic Service in the use of spatial information systems as regards natural environment.

The Project is nationwide - products will be provided and used throughout the country. The Project’s technical infrastructure will be located in the Main Center for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation in Warsaw.

Within the framework of the Project the following Activities are undertaken:

  1. Project management;
  2. Preparation and implementation of spatial data model concerning natural environment and a system for its management;
  3. Harmonization, integration and standardization of spatial data concerning natural environment;
  4. Uploading existing data, and processing of gathered spatial data concerning natural environment to the database model and management system;
  5. Collection of new, test spatial data at the scale of 1:10 000, concerning natural environment and uploading them to database model and management  system;
  6. Making available the digital cartographic thematic elaborations concerning natural environment as well as launching spatial data services;
  7. Trainings associated with the Project;
  8. Project promotion.

The main target groups of the Project are:

  1. Provincial Centers for Geodesic and Cartographic Documentation;
  2. The National Water Management Authority (KZGW) and other spatial data centers held by public administration, including the departments reporting to the Minister of the Environment;
  3. Users benefiting from spatial information database of the natural environment provided by the http://www.geoportal.gov.pl/ service.